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Course Descriptions

Agricultural Leadership 

This is a dynamic class for every student! This class emphasizes the importance of leadership skills and provides practical   hands-on, team-building activities. Etiquette, positive school atmosphere, global agriculture, team work, developing service projects, time management and serving as a leader (in and outside of school) are some topics covered. 

Food Science (Offered every other year - 2021-2022)

This class is for anyone who eats! Understand the biotechnology and chemistry of foods, food safety, dairy industry, meat science, food needs around the world, and food processing. From growing to processing to packaging to consumption, students will gain a better understanding of the science that goes into the food they eat. We will also study the science behind flavoring, coloring, odors and preserving. This class will be team taught with the Family & Consumer Science teacher.

Greenhouse Management

Explore one of the fastest growing careers in the agricultural industry – horticulture. Time will be spent in the school greenhouse growing and working with plants, gardening, pruning, hydroponics, and landscaping.Other topics are growing bonsai trees and poinsettias, creating holiday wreaths, and making floral arrangements.  Students will also select, transplant, and raise over 3,000 plants for the Spring Plant Sale.   **This class can also be used as a 3rd year science credit.**

Large Animal Care (Offered every other year - 2020-2021)

This class is designed to teach about the large animal industry. A variety of animals will be discussed including horses, dairy and beef cattle, raising chickens, goats and sheep. Food science topics will also be covered in this course - cheese tasting, egg preparation, meat products - let's have some fun!

Small Animal Care

This class is designed to teach about the small animal industry. Pets are special creatures, whether they are dogs, cats, rabbits or any other companion animals and we will discuss many of them. The course will cover feeding, breeding, health and veterinary practices, psychology, behavior and training. Students will also have the opportunity to bring their animals into class. If you enjoy small animals, are interested in a veterinary science career or would like to be in an exciting hands-on class, then this class is for you! 

Wildlife Management

This class is designed to teach about the exciting world of wildlife management and the importance of maintaining this valuable resource. This class is a fast paced, hands-on course developed to teach a variety of topics including wildlife identification, habitat, soil and water testing, raising of wild animals, hunting, fish and squirrel taxidermy, wilderness survival, Boone and Crockett scoring, archery training, geo-caching and much, much more! **This class can also be used as a 3rd year science credit.**